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There was so much going on this weekend.  Sunday was sunny and I had my first outdoor game of volleyball.

Andy and I went to the annual Greenwood car show.  Vintage cars lined the street for over twenty blocks.

Here is a cool van Andy wanted to show his Dad.

Someone I know was in the Pride parade.  She dressed up as (sexy) Queen Frostine (my favorite) from Candyland. She went with the original and best version of the queen. I recently learned the queen's character design was completely changed.

Clay, not Pottery

Andy bought us an intro to pottery class on one of those social coupon sites. They showed us several techniques...working with balls to create pinch pots or large slabs.

Unfortunately we did not get to try turning, it was only demonstrated.

Andy did great. His was one of the better pinch pots.

My work was straight forward with no embellishments.

We had a fun group project. Everyone had a different body part to make. The tail is my creation.

Andy made this claw arm. I think he found his medium!

I was surprised to find out that we did not get to fire and keep any of our creations. Andy and I stayed behind and smashed all the pots so the clay could be reused.


We Had Cake

Andy turned thirty over a week ago. Keeping with tradition we had a steak dinner at Daniel's Broiler. Followed by chocolate cake.


Kitty Legs

Rutherford went to the vet last week.  He had his teeth cleaned and needed a tooth pulled.  His legs were shaved for the anesthesia.  He did really well.  Still on shaky legs when arriving from vet.  Despite the missing tooth his appetite has not declined.  Today he is ready for dry food, I am sure he will miss the week long feast of decadently eating wet food every meal.


May Reads

Little BeeLittle Bee by Chris Cleave

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was the Seattle Reads book for 2011. This was a great book by itself. My experience was further enriched because I was able to attend a book club, author reading, and an amazing staged reading.

13 Little Blue Envelopes (Little Blue Envelope, #1)13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Free Kindle book. I picked it up because I have heard of Maureen Johnson through the Vlog Brothers. It was cute but I never invested myself into any of the characters. Meh. It seems I only enjoy YA when it is fantasy.

Surveillance: A NovelSurveillance: A Novel by Jonathan Raban

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Library Book Club. It was suppose to be a possible alternative future since 9/11. This book no longer felt as topical since Osama Bin Laden's death occurred while I was reading the book. It is because the homeland security debates are still going strong on the hill. I was halfway through when I realized that nothing was happening and they only thing the kept me reading was the expectation of an ah-ha moment. No such moment occurred unless it was suppose to be the earthquake when despite all the "surveillance" everyone was separate and not in-touch. Not even the fact the book's setting is in places I know; Seattle and Whidbey Island redeemed it.


Wood Tile for the Roof

One reason Andy and I bought this house was the giant flat roof specially design to be used as an outdoor area.  We had not seen anything like it.  We knew we could make the space into something special.  A few weeks ago we took the first step.

Here is the bare roof.  The roofing has coarse loose particles and we were constantly tracking in the sand like material.

Now the roof is covered in lovely ipe wood. 

I was able to lay on the new surface without getting dirty.  It was a beautiful feeling, soaking up the heat from the sun.

Before we could place the  tile on the roof two pallets of boxes needed to be carried up three flights of stairs. Andy is smiling now but he was on the one who transported the majority of boxes. Each box is 40 pounds and when you do the math that is over a ton! Andy is a lifting master!

We used tiles that are a foot squared and snap together. Some were stubborn and needed a taste of my rubber mallet. My personal Mjölnir.

A third of the way into laying the wood tiles. Luckily we had a helper visiting. Thanks Matt!

After carrying a ton up to the roof Andy continued to work. Who needs a hammer? Andy preferred his fists.

Since finishing this first big step we have also:
* Cut and placed tiles that needed to be smaller than a square foot. (finished last  night!)
* Spread black polished rocks in the drainage areas. They are lovely. I helped carried this time. I had to put the bag of rocks in my hiking backpack.
* Stained a darker boarder to create two separate "living" spaces.

We still need to seal the entire surface and get furniture (excited!).

Tiny maple seed

Tiny maple seed. A baby helicopter.


Game Room

The basement is done!  But I know that is old news. We have already had the official grand opening event.  It was a great weekend.

What it use to look like with the previous owner.

Tada! The inside of the table is revealed. There is a grid and acrylic board to write on.

From another angle.  Regular table top for board games. The codex is on the wall.

The codex will hold all sorts of things...books, games, tiny plastic figurines and...booze!

Close up of the pendant above the "bar" aka codex.  We bought vintage looking light bulbs.


Skating Party

These pictures are months old but too fun not to write about.  Manish and Shaun hosted a joint birthday party with an old school theme.  Bowling and skating! 

Here is the birthday cake.


Suiting Skating up

Couple Shots

Reliving the old days and trying the skating limbo

This shot has crazy exposure but I love this photo of Andy and I. He his skating backwards and we are facing eachother as we roll across the ring.


Star Magnolia

The tree on the side of my house is not just a pussy willow...

...it is a star magnolia!