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And to all a good-night.

Finrod says "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Can't resist more puppy pictures

The Great Pumpkin Beer Fest

Last weekend was Elysian's pumpkin beer fest.  Andy and I attended with Josh, Laura, and Trevor.  I was impressed by the amount of pumpkin options available.  There were over 50 pumpkin themed beers (cider and malt beverages as well).  Below are my top three beers,  I do not claim that these are best, they are my favorites of the day.

1.  Sasquatch Session - This offer had a good balance of beerness, pumpkin, and spice.  Throughout the day I tasted a few beers that left my questioning whether they belong at the pumpkin fest, while other beers had so much nutmeg or other spices that drink was overwhelmed.
2.  Ah Gus Gus - The name is fun!  It is a nod to fat mouse from Disney's Cinderella.  It's pumpkin twist was including not only pumpkin but pumpkin blossoms.  It also leaned stronger to the ginger side of pumpkin spice.  I liked this beer, it was light and bright, though better for summer than fall.
3.  Coche de Medianoche (Elysian) - Translated to Midnight Coach.  Like the other beer, I am tickled by the name.  I could never drink this beer casually but would be a fun choice for a tasting.  In the mash was not pumpkin but roasted pumpkin seeds and some roasted peppers.  The result was a earthly spicy beer.

We were able to witness the beer pumpkin on the move.

Seven candles for the seven annual festival.

I was not kidding.  The pumpkin is full of beer.  It is a grand event to tap the pumpkin and pass the brews around.

What we all looked like at the end.  Smiley and probably orange.

Who-whose? birthday

Last weekend I attend a birthday day party for Miss Ellie. There were amazing owl cupcakes.

Ellie had no idea we were all there to celebrate her birth but she definitely liked it when everyone sang Happy Birthday.


Five Months

Yesterday Finrod became a five month old puppy.  To celebrate we walked ALL THE WAY AROUND Green Lake.  He also tore up his bed, see all the fluff, and tried to chew on his brush.  It was a very full day.


Dog parks are so much fun

Dog parks are so much fun...and Finrod had a good time as well. This weekend Andy and I when to Magnuson dog park for the first time. It is the largest open leash park in Seattle. There is a small/shy dog area. That is were we started. Right away our puppy found dogs to chase and to be chased by.

This little dog only had three legs and he was one of the most active in the small dog area.

Next we visited the beach. The walk to the beach is long, or least it felt long because we stopped so many times to talk to people and pet other dogs. The whole experience was really social and rewarding.

We thought Finrod was tired but once he hit the water his energy was renewed. He ran like a crazy dog for the longest time.


Vaccinated and Freedom

Puppy is finally fully vaccinated! Due to doggy viruses that Finrod was yet immune to we were warned of insta-death if he came contact with sketchy dogs or sketchy dog poo. Now Finrod is ready to go to parks and other public places. Since Andy and I have adopted the terrible terrier we have been feeling constrained and reveled in our new freedom this weekend. Our luck, the weekend weather was accommodating (gorgeous actually). We have already taken Finrod to coffee at Cafe Vita and lunches at Specialties and Essential Baking Company, all have puppy friendly outdoor seating. We also took Finrod to three parks. Overall an excellent weekend. Now that Finrod is unleashed into the world his schedule is busier. Friday Andy is taking him to work. This weekend Finrod is visiting Portland (finally!).

Green Lake - So many people and doggies that excited Finrod through and through, we did not do much walking.

Washington Arboretum - The best park visit of the weekend. Finrod loved all the nature. He was in bliss sniffing in underbrush. I wish we brought the long leash. Finrod jumped into a pond after a duck. He quickly regretted his decision. Next year I hope to do more water activities with the dog.

Gasworks - Andy and I remembered the long leash and let Finrod chase crows and pigeons to his heart's content. He wisely left the large flock of geese alone. A rare display of survival instinct.


Pimp My Roof

We finally got furniture on the roof and it looks great!

Introducing Finrod

Introducing Finrod

Andy already presented him to the world (see album) but there can never be too many puppy pictures.

This when I got to hang out with the new puppy for the first time. I wore him out.  After a week it is the other way around now

Shawna managed to out-play the #puppy on Twitpic

He is running me around.

This toy is mine.



June Books

Twenties GirlTwenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chick Lit book club. I often have trouble getting into chick lit. I have to overcome the poor writing and my dislike for the characters which are usually very selfish and delusional. By the middle of the book though I am reading at a quick pace, eating it up. Same with this book. Hated the characters but then the 'mystery' and 'relationships' sucked me in.

RoomRoom by Emma Donoghue

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read this in two days. I am glad it was written from a child's perspective, I do not feel scarred from reading about such horror. I was so happy once they escaped from the Room. It was claustrophobic reading.

The Sandman Vol. 3The Sandman Vol. 3 by Neil Gaiman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

4 short stories. I loved the middle two...about cat's dream and a midsummer's night dream.

Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: StoriesHateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories by Alice Munro

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Have finished the first two short stories. I will read every now and again when there is a gap between book clubs.

Read all the short stories and nothing stuck. I might be oblivious but I would have liked the theme to be a little more pronounced. I also didn't care for the style, the auther would jump to different character's voice with no warning

The Apothecary's DaughterThe Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Bought it cheap.  Excited about a regancy novel. It was okay. I found out after I bought the e-novel that it was Christain litature. When one of suiters prayed it broke the suspense of the love triangle, of course the herione will choose the devoted guy.



Andy and I are adopting a dog!! We got lucky. All the puppies of the litter were spoken for but one family decided to adopt a different bred.

Welsh terrier puppies

They are so happy to meet strangers

We are lucky to get a male puppy. Andy and I read that males are usually more laid back. This has been proven true. Our little guy was not starting any trouble. The two females were feisty and more stubborn. Jumping everywhere, starting fights with their siblings, and biting Andy.

This is our puppy. He definitely liked Andy!

Unfortunately we were not ready to take him home. We had to say goodbye. It is hard to leave behind this cutey. I like to think he felt the same.