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Vaccinated and Freedom

Puppy is finally fully vaccinated! Due to doggy viruses that Finrod was yet immune to we were warned of insta-death if he came contact with sketchy dogs or sketchy dog poo. Now Finrod is ready to go to parks and other public places. Since Andy and I have adopted the terrible terrier we have been feeling constrained and reveled in our new freedom this weekend. Our luck, the weekend weather was accommodating (gorgeous actually). We have already taken Finrod to coffee at Cafe Vita and lunches at Specialties and Essential Baking Company, all have puppy friendly outdoor seating. We also took Finrod to three parks. Overall an excellent weekend. Now that Finrod is unleashed into the world his schedule is busier. Friday Andy is taking him to work. This weekend Finrod is visiting Portland (finally!).

Green Lake - So many people and doggies that excited Finrod through and through, we did not do much walking.

Washington Arboretum - The best park visit of the weekend. Finrod loved all the nature. He was in bliss sniffing in underbrush. I wish we brought the long leash. Finrod jumped into a pond after a duck. He quickly regretted his decision. Next year I hope to do more water activities with the dog.

Gasworks - Andy and I remembered the long leash and let Finrod chase crows and pigeons to his heart's content. He wisely left the large flock of geese alone. A rare display of survival instinct.